The Right Video Intercom for Your Residents

Enhance your access control experience with our video intercom and telephone entry system.

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The Features Your Residents Want

East-to-use interface

Make access control easy for residents, visitors, and guests by giving them a simple and straightforward video intercom interface.

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Visitor & guest management

See who’s at the gate before letting them in, and grant automatic gate access to pre-approved guests.

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Smartphone credentials

Bring your property into the future by allowing residents to use their mobile phone as a credential at any access control points.

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The Best Intercom for Your Residents

GateHawk Other Video Intercoms
Lower Recurring Cost
User friendly interface
Tough construction
Quick & easy installation
Tap phone to unlock gate
Unlock gate via bluetooth
Bigger revenue share for dealers

Built with Residents In Mind

Touchless access

Allow both residents and guests to enter property gates without physically touching a keypad.

Safety & security

Discourage unwanted guests through integrated access control, video intercom, and visitor management.

Modern convenience

Bring your property into the future with a powerful video intercom and access control solution.

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