In the realm of access control and property management, GateHawk stands at the forefront of innovation, introducing features aimed at simplifying your daily tasks.

Among these advancements is the Virtual Intercom feature, a remarkable addition that enhances convenience and security for dealers and property managers.

Whether you are an experienced property manager in pursuit of increased efficiency or a forward-looking dealer aiming to provide cutting-edge access control solutions to your clients, this article is for you. We will address questions like, “What is a Virtual Intercom” and illustrate its potential to transform your operations.


What is a Virtual Intercom?

Imagine a scenario where a visitor pulls up to a property’s gate, ready to connect with a resident, only to find that…. interacting with the hardware at the gate is “less than ideal” – be it due to physical damage from the elements or an act of vandalism. In these moments of unpredictability and potential security challenges, the Virtual Intercom feature stands out as a reliable and advanced backup alternative, guaranteeing uninterrupted and safe communication between guests and residents.

Virtual Intercom offers a streamlined solution for guests caught in such situations. By simply scanning a QR on their device, visitors have the capability to access the property’s directory straight from their smartphone. Not only can guests browse the directory of residents, but they can also initiate direct calls to the resident’s device.

Therefore, regardless of the physical state of the intercom, guests possess an immediate and dependable backup plan to ensure they can communicate as intended.

Key features of GateHawk’s Virtual Intercom:

  • Mobile directory: View the property’s tenant directory on your mobile device by scanning the QR code on the intercom.
  • 2 way audio-calls: Visitors can directly call the tenant to gain access to the property.
  • Recorded access logs: All access granted actions triggered from the virtual intercom feature are recorded for property staff to track.
  • GPS boundaries: For added security, the virtual intercom will only function within a geographic range determined by the property.
  • Secure time-outs: For added security, the mobile directory will time out, preventing unauthorized use on a later day.


What are the benefits of a virtual intercom system?

From cost-saving measures for dealers to enhanced security for property managers and unmatched convenience for residents, the benefits of a virtual intercom system are transformational.


Advantages of a Virtual Intercom Feature for Dealers:

  • Optimized productivity: With Virtual Intercom, dealers have more time to focus on managing maintenance tickets and delivering exceptional service to their clients. This increased efficiency can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Financial efficiency: Dealers have the opportunity to integrate the Virtual Intercom with Gen3 without incurring extra charges. This eradicates the expenses associated with on-site visits for hardware troubleshooting, resulting in marked cost benefits.
  • Operational convenience: The remote feature allows properties to manage intercom challenges in the interim, providing a temporary solution and minimizing client disturbances. The main benefit is to maintain access control while awaiting the dealer’s on-site intervention


Advantages of a Virtual Intercom Feature for Property Managers:

  • Robust safety measures: Property managers can rely on Virtual Intercom to maintain the security of their gates even if unexpected situations occur.. This ensures that unauthorized access is prevented, keeping the property secure.
  • Ease and oversight: In situations where the physical state of the intercom is less than ideal (as mentioned above), property managers can avoid the risk of exposing the gate. The Virtual Intercom emerges as a reliable secondary system, granting managers steadfast control over entrances.
  • Touchless experience: By offering a virtual intercom, property managers cater to the growing demand for contact-free solutions. Residents and guests can communicate and grant access without physically touching shared devices, ensuring a safer and more hygienic experience that aligns with modern preferences.


Advantages of a Virtual Intercom Feature for Residents

  • Consistent communication: Regardless of the physical condition or operational status of the on-site intercom, residents can maintain seamless communication with visitors. The virtual interface ensures they won’t miss out on important guests or deliveries regardless of hardware malfunctions or damages.
  • Enhanced gate security: The virtual intercom ensures that the gate remains securely closed until an authorized individual requests access. This contrasts sharply with other solutions where, in the absence of a functioning intercom, gates might be left propped open, posing a security risk. With the virtual intercom, residents can validate the identity of the visitor from their smartphone before granting entry, mitigating the chance of unauthorized access and keeping the property secure at all times.
  • Inclusive & accessible communication: The virtual intercom integrates seamlessly with personal smartphones, providing a familiar interface for all residents, including those with disabilities and impairments.


Final thoughts…

The Virtual Intercom is more than just a feature; it’s an added layer of security and convenience that makes GateHawk “indestructible.” It’s our commitment to ensuring that your property remains secure and accessible, even in challenging situations.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Virtual Intercom or any other GateHawk features.