In the rapidly evolving landscape of property management, implementing state-of-the-art security measures is no longer a luxury, but an essential requirement.

A common challenge faced by many communities, be it multifamily apartment complexes or single-family rental units, is unauthorized access, often facilitated by lax security protocols or outdated systems.

This is where GateHawk, an industry leader in video intercom systems, steps in. GateHawk’s innovative guest management feature significantly mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and adds a robust layer of security to your property.

The Problem: Propped Gates and Shared Access Codes

For many properties, traditional methods of access control like gates and access codes can become pain points rather than security solutions. Gates are often propped open for convenience, or simply due to lack of maintenance, making them ineffective against trespassers.

Similarly, residents sharing their gate codes with non-residents or guests without monitoring their usage can lead to unauthorized access. These breaches not only compromise the security of the property but can lead to costly damage or theft, adding unforeseen expenses for property managers and residents.

The Solution: GateHawk’s Guest Management Feature

The guest management feature offered by GateHawk’s video intercom system is purpose-built to resolve these common issues. It enables residents to manage their guests’ property and unit access securely and in real time, eliminating the need for shared access codes.

The system ties access to the resident’s individual smartphone, which residents typically carry with them, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Balancing Convenience and Security

Beyond offering heightened security, GateHawk’s guest management feature ensures residents enjoy the convenience of modern technology. It does away with the need for physical keys, cards, or fobs, thereby eliminating the risk of lost or stolen access devices. It also circumvents the common issue of propped-open gates by allowing access only through approved smartphones.

Immediate Access Control

With GateHawk, residents have control over when guests can access the property and can immediately revoke this access when it’s no longer needed. This empowers residents to actively monitor who enters their property, reducing the risks and expenses associated with unauthorized access.

GateHawk’s guest management feature offers an innovative solution to the everyday security challenges faced by modern properties. It eliminates common issues like propped gates and shared access codes, thereby significantly enhancing property security and reducing associated expenses. This robust system puts the power of access control directly into the hands of residents, providing a perfect blend of convenience and security.

Investing in GateHawk’s advanced guest management feature means investing in peace of mind for residents and property managers alike. Its emphasis on convenience, combined with a relentless focus on safety, ensures that GateHawk is not just a technology provider but a partner in securing your community.