Video Intercom Entry System
for Gated Communities

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GateHawk Video Intercom

Resident Appeal

Set your property apart as a modern and forward-looking community by embracing smartphone access.

Cost Savings

Save money by eliminating keys and fobs by using the smartphone that residents always keep with them.

Video Intercom by

Increased Security

Eliminate unauthorized key copying and card or fob handoffs by tying access to individual smartphones.

The Features Communities Want

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Increase safety by giving your residents a powerful set of tools for managing visitors requesting access to the property.

Guest Management

Allow residents to securely manage both property and unit access for guests—and to immediately remove it when no longer needed.

Smartphone NFC Credentials Reader

Smartphone Credentials

Bring your property into the future by allowing residents to use their smartphone as a credential, eliminating the need for access fobs.

Virtual Intercom

During an internet outage or other service issue, a QR code will allow users to bring up the property directory and call residents from their smartphone.

Built Tough for the Real World

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